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Learning with light

Bright and engaging, the LightAide™ creates a variety of interactive displays of color that support core learning goals and help instill the building blocks of literacy and mathematical concepts in learners with low vision, cognitive disabilities and other special needs.

Why light?

Young girl uses a LightAide

Light attracts. Light dazzles. Light captivates. For these reasons and more, the LightAide™ is unlike any other educational tool in the classroom or at home. Its colorful display draws in learners. Its versatility captures their attention. Its brilliance sparks curiosity and imagination.

The LightAide™’s potential as a learning tool is as limitless as the reach of light itself. Activities and programs designed specifically to enhance the LightAide™’s educational value invite learners to build a variety of academic and Expanded Core Curriculum skills.

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Features & Benefits

  • Teaches basic concepts such as cause and effect, taking turns and identifying/ building patterns
  • Sets the foundation of pre-literacy skills by encouraging learners to practice visual tracking from left to right, a skill crucial for literacy
  • Introduces mathematical concepts such as basic counting skills, identifying numbers and building patterns with blocks

The LightAide™ engages as many as four learners and one educator at a time. Learners with physical challenges need only to hit a switch to control the LightAide™ and participate in one-on-one or group activities. If you don’t already have input switches, please purchase switches that fit best for your needs as they are not included with the LightAide™.

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VIDEO: LightAide™ Activity Introduction

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