Where To Service

Make your investment last.

At Perkins, we know buying a brailler is an investment, and we want to make your investment last. Through years of experience, we’ve found that service and repair is the most effective way to prolong the life of your brailler.

Here’s our advice on Service & Repair.

You should maintain your brailler, but let a skilled technician do the repairs. Our braillers are made up of over 700 individual parts, which is why repair requires specialized skills that can only be taught in person and not through our product manuals. We offer the following service and repair options:

  1. Maintain Your Brailler: Guess what? 60-80% of “broken” classic Perkins Braillers don’t need repairs…they need to be cleaned! Save time and money by cleaning your own Perkins Brailler in your own living environment with our simple cleaning videos.
  2. Send to a Local Repair Specialist: Our list of skilled technicians know how to manage the 700 pieces within the brailler and know how the fine tuning skills required to repair.
  3. Get Trained and Certified: With the cost of international shipping being anywhere from $50-$150 per brailler and the repair servicing costs of $75-$150 per brailler, the price of outsourcing repairs may outweigh the benefits of learning to do repairs yourself. With our two week course offered at anytime, you can learn the fine craftsmanship skills required to bring these machines back to life.
  4. Send to Perkins: No one in your local area? You can always send your Brailler to Perkins, where we will gladly do the repairs for you!

Still have questions? Review our Service & Repair FAQs