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Introducing Perkins Solutions

After years of delivering quality products and services to clients all around the world, we at Perkins Products are pleased to announce a name change that better reflects our wide range of offerings: Perkins Solutions. Read more.

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Started in 1829 as the first school for the blind in the United States, Perkins is dedicated to improving literacy for children...



Time is on your side with talking clocks from Perkins Solutions. People with low vision will appreciate Perkins Solutions clocks with easy-to-read faces, bold numbers and pleasing color contrasts. We also have models that tell the time for people who are blind—just touch the button and listen up.

Talking clocks and timers from Perkins Solutions ensure you can stay on schedule no matter the time of day or night. It’s easy to set an alarm, a timer or a countdown clock. Listen for hourly announcements or the day and date. Control the volume and enjoy greater control over your day to day activities.