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Introducing Perkins Solutions

After years of delivering quality products and services to clients all around the world, we at Perkins Products are pleased to announce a name change that better reflects our wide range of offerings: Perkins Solutions. Read more.

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Started in 1829 as the first school for the blind in the United States, Perkins is dedicated to improving literacy for children...


Reading Devices

Text-to-speech technology brings the written word to life, offering people who are low vision or blind access to books, magazines, periodicals and webpages. Perkins Solutions offers a full selection of audio book players and reading devices designed to meet your specific needs and provide years of enjoyment.

The new generation of talking book technology utilizes cartridges and easy-to-operate digital players instead of tape recorders. Perkins Solutions offers NLS/BARD compatible players and cartridges for use with reading materials from The Perkins Library.

Victor Readers deliver accurate text-to-speech and recording capabilities as well as access to multimedia books and music. BookSense portable digital audio book players provide on-the-go access to information, education and entertainment.

Perkins Solutions also stocks many accessories for your text-to-speech device as well as full-service solutions for product delivery, training and service.


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