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Introducing Perkins Solutions

After years of delivering quality products and services to clients all around the world, we at Perkins Products are pleased to announce a name change that better reflects our wide range of offerings: Perkins Solutions. Read more.

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Started in 1829 as the first school for the blind in the United States, Perkins is dedicated to improving literacy for children...


Magnification Software

With magnification software from Perkins Solutions, people with low vision can access clear, crisp text or choose to a speech option that reads the text aloud. These solutions provide people with all levels of vision loss the chance to stay connected to printed materials and websites. Perkins Solutions features magnification software from Zoom Text and MAGic.

Zoom Text is recognized as a top provider of magnification and reading software with options to fine tune fonts and control color for improved screen clarity. You choose the way text is magnified for reading or spoken for optimum comprehension.

MAGic features magnification levels from 1x to 36x and also offers versions with a speech option. These tools bring the world into focus and enable people with low vision to enjoy greater productivity in school or in the workplace.