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LightAide™ creates interactive displays of color that support core learning goals.

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Price: $999.00

LightAide with all activities

Price $1449.00/with all options

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Fun and enlightened learning

Bright and engaging, the LightAide™ creates a variety of interactive displays of color that support core learning goals and help instill the building blocks of literacy and mathematical concepts in learners with low vision, cognitive disabilities and other special needs. Visit the LightAide™ information page to learn more.

Benefits for Learners

  • Cause and effect
  • Alphabet and numbers
  • Turn-taking, negotiation and other social interactions
  • Visual tracking for pre-reading experiences
  • Sequencing and organizational skills for literacy readiness
  • Provides an enlarged, tactile learning experience for low vision children


  • 224 bright multicolored lights
  • Enables up to 4 learners to control and activate lights
  • Simple to set up and easy to use
  • Activities that engage at all levels of learning
  • Includes preloaded Starter Activity set that enhance Common Core and Expanded Core Curriculum
  • Additional Activity sets available for purchase after registration at
  • Cool, energy-efficient LEDs
  • Product size: H: 16" (41cm) x W: 20" (51cm) x D 3.5" (9cm)
  • Product Weight: 8lbs

Downloadable Guides

Activity Sets

Additional LightAide Activity sets can be purchased from after your device is registered. Activity sets are priced as follows:

  • Visual Efficiency Activity Set #1: $125
  • Visual Efficiency Activity Set #2: $125
  • English and Language Arts Activity Set: $125
  • Mathematics Activity Set: $125
  • Expanded Core Curriculum Activity Set: $75

If you want these activities included with your LightAide, purchase the LightAide with all activities.

LightAide™ Accessories

You may be interested in purchasing the following accessories for your LightAide™. If you don’t already have input switches, please purchase switches that fit best for your needs as they are not included with the LightAide™.

Additional LightAide Activity Sets are priced from $75 to $125 and can be purchased at the website after the purchased LightAide has been registered on The list of Activities can be found in the LightAide Activity Workbook which can be downloaded at the above link.

LightAide™ Activity Introduction


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LightAide™ creates interactive displays of color that support core learning goals.

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